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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
The level of conventional crime in Mangystau is the lowest in the country - 88 crimes per 10 thousand of the population
Added: 26.01.2018
Changed: 26.01.2018
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Today, during a working trip to the Mangystau region, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Berik Bisenkulov held a meeting in the Department of Internal Affairs with the participation of the Deputy Akim of the region Maksat Skakov. The results of the operational police activities of the region over the past year and the priority tasks for the near future were discussed, and recommendations were also made for raising the level of law and order in the region.

Head of the Department Kanat Timerdenov reported on the crime situation in the Mangystau region. The decrease in registered crimes is 13.4%.

The level of conventional crime in the region today remains the lowest in the country and amounts to 88 crimes per 10 thousand people only (1st place).

The number of particularly grave crimes decreased by 2%, medium and small severity by 15.8% and by 22.6%, respectively.

The number of murders has fallen (by 40%), serious bodily injuries (by 12.8%), rape (by 31%), robbery (by 18.5%), hooliganism (by 17.4%), theft of someone else's property 13.5%).

Crime detection rate to most types of crimes has improved: for particularly serious crimes, 96.2% (93.3%), including killing 90.9% (86.5%), robbery-89.2% (82.9%), causing serious harm to health -97.7% (93.8%), robberies -71.4% (55 %), hooliganism - 73.6% (64.4%), theft of someone else's property -36.1% (28.3%), including serious thefts - 71.1% (61.7%), and 3.3% improved the detection of crimes in the "hot pursuit".

However, there is an increase in crimes by 9.7% committed by minors, and also by 4% committed in a state of intoxication.

 At the daily briefing, the heads of the Aktau and Zhanaozen DIA, the Ministry of Railways, as well as the DUIS (Penal Enforcement System), reported.

"To date, we have strengthened the material and technical base of the divisions and services of the internal affairs bodies, we are using the capabilities of 313 CCTV cameras, 174 of them are connected to the Central Operations Division of Aktau and Zhanaozen, and another 139 under the "Safe Yard" project. Due to these measures, 217 crimes were disclosed, including 60 thefts. Work is in progress within the framework of public-private partnership. The project "Introduction and maintenance of CCTV in the city of Aktau" ("Safe City") with the installation of 600 CCTV cameras is being prepared for implementation," - reported the Head of the Department of Internal Affairs Kanat Timerdenov.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Berik Bisenkulov set specific tasks for the leadership of the Department of Internal Affairs of the region and its territorial subdivisions in all areas of activity, as well as to strengthen discipline and legality among personnel, to prevent corruption offenses.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
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