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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
233 women in Mangystau received SMS messages with a proposal to register the birth of a child
Added: 29.01.2018
Changed: 29.01.2018
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Today, there was a regular administration meeting under the chairmanship of Eraly Tugzhanov, Akim, in the akimat of the Mangystau region. Several issues were discussed on the agenda.

The Head of the Agriculture Department Serik Kaldygulov reported on the use of digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex. To date, the Department provides 26 public services. 12 of these are provided partly through the web portal. Introduction of digital technologies in 2 directions is also planned.

1. Implementation of the Unified Automated Mobile Application (UAMA). The UAMA will facilitate access to the public service, online 24-hour application, time savings, information on public services, subsidies and the ability to monitor changes and additions to the subsidy. It also reduces the risk of corruption.

2. Organization of E-commerce platform for the sale of farm products. E-commerce is a website and mobile application that allows residents to buy and process food delivery from local farms. Calculate the distance, the term and the cost of delivering the products from the farm to the table. The list of online payment methods will be expanded constantly.

Head of the Department for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Competition Protection in the Mangystau region, Serzhan Sikhymbekuly, reported that 8 investigations into violations of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of competition protection have been launched since the beginning of 2017. 7 of them were brought to a logical conclusion, and investigation of one will be continued in 2018. Now, there is an investigation into the Airport for abuse of monopoly position, which was reflected in the establishment of high prices for renting space for public catering facilities on the territory of the Aktau terminal, which in turn affects the prices there. Also in 2017, the Department conducted investigations into a number of state bodies

Erbol Baizhigit , the director, reported on the activities of the department of the CPS - branch of the non-profit society "State Corporation "Government for Citizens" for the Mangystau region". The Department of the CPS provided 1 519 726 public services in 2017, 1 030 625 services of which were provided in electronic form. There are 3 mobile service centers in the region, they carry out trips to remote settlements of the Karakiya, Beineu and Mangystau districts for rendering state services twice a month. In addition, on December 29, 2017, the state corporation "Government for Citizens" jointly with "National Information Technologies" JSC launched a pilot project to provide pro-active services for the birth of a child. Now, immediately after the birth of the child, parents will receive an SMS message with a proposal to receive a state service for registering the birth of the baby. With the launch of the proactive principle, young mothers do not have to go to the CPS or use the services of the e-government portal. They will receive all necessary services via SMS. To date, 233 women have received SMS messages with the offer to receive services in a proactive format.

The Head of the Architecture and Urban Planning Department Naizabek Zhailau reported on the plans of works of the Architecture and Urban Planning Department for 2018,. For this year, there are three key tasks before the management.

1. Creating an interactive map of Aktau. The instruction to develop the map was given by Akim of the region Eraly Tugzhanov in September last year. 17.5 million tenge will be needed to implement the interactive map according to the calculations submitted to the Department of Economics and Budget Planning.

2. To develop a comprehensive construction plan for the reconstruction of infrastructure, including previously developed projects, according to the general development plan of Aktau city. Estimated cost is 63.6 million tenge.

3. Creation of an industrial zone in Aktau (near MAEK district), project development. Estimated cost is 27.8 million tenge

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich