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21.1 billion tenge of tax deductions from Mangystau businessmen arrived in the local budget


Today a regular meeting under the chairmanship of Eraly Tugzhanov, the Akim, has been held in the akimat of Mangystau region. Several issues were discussed on the agenda.

The Head of Entrepreneurship and Trade Venera Mustapaeva reported on the measure of support of small and medium business.

The number of operating subjects of small and medium business in the region is 47,015 units, which is 2.8 thousand units more than in January 2017. The number of employees in SMEs is 112 249 people. Subjects of SMEs produced products worth 519,455 million tenge

The local budget received 124.4 billion tenge of tax deductions over the past year. 17% or 21.1 billion tenge from this amount are receipts from SMEs.

In 2018, within the framework of the Single Business Support and Business Development Program "Business Road Map 2020", the regional center projects are 27%, and the remaining part (73%) is the projects of entrepreneurs of Zhanaozen city and districts of the region.

"We have three tasks for 2018 to increase entrepreneurial activity. The implementation of the regional program "Nur Capital", with the volume of financing 2.7 billion tenge and the interest rate for the final borrower 1% per annum. - Introduction of the pilot project "Kasipker Bolamyn" - entrepreneurship for students of general education schools. Also, within the framework of the labor market transformation, the involvement of discharged employees in the oil sector in the SME,"- said Venera Mustapayeva.

The Head of the Digitalization Office Alibekov Eldan Sharapatovich told about digitization of the regions. To date, a number of projects are being implemented in the framework of the Smart City concept through the introduction of advanced and efficient technologies on the basis of public-private partnership: Secure courtyard, Secure city, e-KSK mobile application, Zu1u Thermo program - "Operating mode of the heat network", the introduction of an automatic system of commercial electricity metering (ASKUE), the introduction of "", the introduction of "CZ Aktau", the introduction of the official platform of public services, the introduction of mobile applications «MTravel», «Electronic tourism web-platform».

The sphere of education was defined as the pilot direction in the digitalization of the Mangystau region. So, within the framework of the implementation of the road map for the rapid victories of the Mangystau region, 5 projects were initiated: the "Electronic School", the Innovation Ecosystem of Mangystau region, Queuing system in DDO, T-HUNTER, the electronic entry to the 1 form of school.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

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