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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
The average monthly salary in the Munaily district is 140 260 tenge
Added: 07.02.2018
Changed: 07.02.2018
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The annual report of the district akim to residents was held in the Munaily district. Nurlan Tazhibaev spoke about the main socio-economic indicators and reported on the fulfillment of the instructions given by Akim of the region Eraly Tugzhanov.

The population of the Munaily region as of December 01, 2017 is 152.3 thousand people. The volume of industrial production in January-September of 2017 amounted to 70.4 billion tenge, the index of physical volume is 100.8%.

Investments in fixed assets amounted to 16.02 billion tenge or 76.9% against the same period of the last year (January-December 2016 - 19.7 billion tenge).

 Construction works were made for the amount of 16.4 million tenge, less than for the same period of 2016 (18.9 million tenge).

"The decrease in investment is due to a decrease in investment in the mining industry and the development of quarries by 17.8%, as well as in the field of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning - by 16.4%. The decrease in the volume of construction work is due to the fact that a significant amount was provided at the expense of foreign companies in 2016, in 2017 this indicator decreased by 44.8%," - Nurlan Tazhibayev, Akim, explained the situation.

 During the reporting period, 139.8 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned in the district, or 117.1% to the level of the same period in 2016.

The construction of a loan housing - twelve four-storey residential buildings in the village of Mangystau for 288 apartments was completed in 2017 due to the bond issue of Baiterek Development JSC.

The "Rental housing without foreclosure", within the framework of the "Nurly Zher" Program, two projects are under construction:

- 40 four-apartment houses in the village of Batyr for 160 apartments. 16 dwelling houses of these have been completed and put into operation. The rest of the houses will be completed in 2018;

- 8 residential houses in the village of Mangystau with a total area of 10.9 thousand square meters for 192 apartments (the object is converted to 2018).

The volume of gross agricultural output in January-December of 2017 amounted to 1.6 billion tenge. There is an increase in the number of cattle, production of meat and poultry, cow's milk.

"The poultry farm" World of Exotic Birds "operates in the district since 2017, where species of exotic birds are bred: ducks, geese, quails, ostriches, turkeys, pheasants and peacocks. The total number of birds is about 5000. In addition, a production plant for the production of flour and cereal flour has been launched in the village of Mangystau, which has a warehouse with a volume of 6,000 tons to store grain. The plant produces 120 tons of first grade flour and 30 tons of bran per day. A workshop for the treatment of drinking water was put into operation in the rural district of Kyzyltobe. The capacity is 2500 bottles of water per day ", - Nurlan Tazhibayev, Akim of Munaily region, said.

6990.3 million tenge of taxes and payments or 117.6% transferred to the state budget for the year 2017 to the corresponding period of 2016.

 The average monthly salary per employee for the district for January-September of 2017 was 140,260 tenge, which is 11.1% higher than the corresponding period in 2016. In 2017, 2895 new jobs were created in the district.

7 private kindergartens for 499 children were opened in 2017. Through the public-private partnership mechanism the construction of a kindergarten for 140 places in the territory of the Mangystau-2 residential area has been started. It is also planned to build a kindergarten for 140 places in the residential areas of Mangystau-3, Kyzyltobe-2. Also, 2 private medical center "Konilimkos" and "Muhammed opened in the district last year."

The infant mortality rate decreased from 10.2 in January-December 2016 to 8.0 per 1,000 live births in January-December 2017. There are no facts of maternal mortality. The incidence of tuberculosis decreased from 64.2 per 100,000 population in January-December 2016 to 58.5 in January-December 2017.

The construction of roads (3 km) in the village of Bayandy was completed last year; in the rural district of Atameken (2.4 km); in the settlement of Kyzyltobe (25.5 km); Kyzyltobe-2 - Zhana Daulet (7.8 km); in the village of Mangystau (4.2 km); on the highway of the regional significance of Zhanaozen-Kuryk (3 km), asphalted 27 km of roads.

In addition, a PSD for the reconstruction of the old bridge located in the village of Baskuduk, a highway of regional significance with a total length of 10 km, roads in the village of Atameken with a total length of 13.2 km is being developed.

 "114 orders of the 160 given to the Akimat of the Munayli district by Akim of the region Eraly Tugzhanov, were fully implemented. 22 of 46 remaining instructions will be implemented in 2018. Execution of the remaining 24 was taken under constant control," - Nurlan Tazhibayev, Akim of the region, said.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich