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The Mangystau region
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100% provision with the water supply system are being carried out in Fort-Shevchenko and Bautino
Added: 09.02.2018
Changed: 09.02.2018
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Today the meeting of Temirbek Asauov, the Tupkaragan district Akim, took place. Bekmurat Zhusupov, deputy Akim of the Mangystau region, took part in the meeting.

As of December 1, 2017, there are 29141 people living in the district. Last year, the region produced 4,375.2 thousand tons of crude oil. The volume of industrial output amounted to 521 383.1 million (an increase of 18.4%), the index of industrial production - 98.7% (growth - 2.8%). Gross output of agriculture - 1759.8 million tenge, volume index - 107.0%. Investments in fixed assets - 44,853.3 million, the index of physical volume was 92.7%.

The total area of commissioned housing is 45.3 thousand square meters. The volume of construction works is 16437.6 million. Index of physical volume - 92.9%. The average salary in Tupkaragan district is 181,306 tenge.

The approved budget of the district for 2017, which was 6 129 858.2 thousand tenge in income, was developed by 100.4%.

The index of physical volume of agricultural livestock products amounted to 102.7%, crop production - 123.8%. In total, 157 farms were registered in the district. 30 farms were allocated 3.2 million tenge of subsidies to purchase 94.1 tons of fertilizers with a 50% discount.

80% of expenses for irrigation of pasture lands are subsidized within the framework of the "Agrobusiness 2020" Program. According to the same program, 17 wells for water were drilled in 2017. Also, Fort-Shevchenko and Bautino are working on 100% supply with the water supply system.

The number of small and medium-sized businesses in 2017 increased by 8% and amounted to 1,781 units. The number of operating enterprises increased by 10.7%, reaching 1745.

In 2017, 4024 new jobs were created in the district, which is 31.4% more than in the same period last year. In order to provide social support to the poor in the district, 36 people from 7 families received assistance from the district budget in the amount of 593.7 thousand tenge. Also, 226 children from 67 families with children under the age of 18 received benefits in the amount of 2066.4 thousand tenge.

"In 2017, private kindergartens for 140 people were opened in the village of Akshukur, in the village of Sain Shapagatov for 75 places and for 100 places in the village of Taushyk. In addition, private kindergartens will be built for 100 children in the village of Taushyk, and two kindergartens will be built for 140 children in the villages of Akshukur and Sain Shapagatov within the framework of public-private partnership. For the elimination of three-shift training, a school for 600 places is being built in the village of Sain Shapagatov. It will be put into operation this year. The same project has been developed for the village of Akshukur," - Temirbek Asauov, Akim of the Tupkaragan district, said in his speech.

53 young specialists were allocated one-time benefits in the amount of 8.4 million tenge under the program "With a diploma in the village". Another 10 people received loans in the amount of 34.0 million tenge to purchase housing.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich