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The Mangystau region
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"SEZ Seaport Aktau" to implement 5 mega projects in 2018
Added: 12.02.2018
Changed: 12.02.2018
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"SEZ Sea Port Aktau" to implement 5 mega projects in 2018

A regular administration meeting under the chairmanship of Eraly Tugzhanov, the Akim, held in the Mangystau region today . Several issues were discussed on the agenda.

Malik Abdykadyrov, Deputy Head of the Department for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and on Competition Protection in the Mangystau region, reported on tariff formation in the energy sector. There are 45 subjects of natural monopolies in the Mangystau region. The main reason affecting the cost of production of electricity, heat and water, is the high price of gas. "If there are still benefits (9,200) for the production of heat energy for the population, then for the production of electric energy the price is equal to 19,833 tenge per 1,000 cubes. In this connection, I would like to propose to issue a petition to the government on the introduction of preferential gas tariffs for MAEK Kazatomprom. The second issue is the enlargement of the transfer organization, according to the five institutional reforms of the Head of State - "Integration of Regional Electric Grid Companies". The tariff differs, but in any case we expect that this measure will lead to a reduction in tariffs, at least for the population, in this direction we are ready to work closely with both monopolists and local executive bodies," - said Malik Abdykadyrov

Dauren Tabzhanov, Deputy Head of the Passenger Transport and Highways Department, told about the implementation of the "Nurly Zhol" state program. It is planned to implement investment projects of the road sector until 2020. In particular, the reconstruction of the "Beineu-Shetpe" highway section, km 60 km. The cost of the contract is 12.4 billion tenge. 0.4 billion tenge is foreseen for 2018. Term of delivery: 2018. The reconstruction of the Shetpe-Zhetybai-Aktau highway is 170 km long. The cost of the contract is KZT37,277.0 million. The works have been almost completed, put into operation on January 26 of thas year. Reconstruction of the "Zhetybai-Zhanaozen" road with a length of 73 km, in 2018 the work has been started from the funds of the Asian Development Bank. The amount of the project is 25.0 billion tenge. Reconstruction of the "Beineu-Akzhigit - the border of Uzbekistan" highway with a length of 85 km. The total amount of the project is 22 725.3 million tenge. KZT 7.9 billion is foreseen for 2018, and it is planned to ensure travel by black coatings by the end of the year. Currently, the procurement of road construction materials and the installation of asphalt concrete mixing plant is under way. Reconstruction of the "Kuryk-port Kuryk" highway with a length of 22 km. The total cost of the project is 8 570.3 million tenge. All the envisaged works will be completed in April of this year. At the same time, financing of the Shetpe-Kizan highway, 49-85 km, Tasmurun-Mastek section of the total project cost of 2.6 billion tenge is also envisaged. The national budget is allocated 1 billion tenge for the average repair of roads of regional and regional significance in 2018.

The director of the branch of the NAO "Fund of Social Health Insurance" in the Mangystau region Ruslan Bektubaev reported on the compulsory social health insurance. A database of 63 healthcare entities has been formed, claiming to provide a guaranteed volume of free medical care. Within the framework of the company, 32,666 people were affixed to 6 private medical clinics. In total for the region, the amount of contributions and deductions amounted to KZT 1,774.3 million. In the context of the regions of the RoK, the Mangystau region is ranked 7th in terms of contributions and deductions.

Roman Kurbanov, representative of the digitalization office, told about the implementation of the State Program "Digital Kazakhstan 2018-2022" in the Mangystau region. The Integrated Medical Information System (the IMIS) was implemented in 78 health facilities of 81, which is 96.3%. For the current year it is planned to introduce the IMIS in three other medical organizations. The average indicator of access to the Internet in medical organizations was 95.6%. Equipping computers with 96.5%. The transfer of temporary disability sheets into electronic format and issuance through the portal of "e-government" is carried out. In the field of education, computers are 100% equipped, with access to the Internet - by 92.5%.

Bauyrzhan Kayratov, Chairman of the Board of "SEZ Seaport Aktau" reported on the development of "SEZ Seaport Aktau". 30 participants were registered in 2003-2017. The amount of investments for this period is 94.6 billion tenge. The volume of production is 260 billion tenge. 1323 jobs were created. The budget made payments of 23 billion tenge. In 2017, 4 projects for the amount of 205 billion tenge were realized, 330 workplaces were created. The implementation of 5 major projects worth KZT12.1 billion with the creation of 364 jobs in the plans for 2018. This is the production of bitumen based on petroleum products, the production of equipment for the oil industry and the production of dry construction mixtures

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich