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The Mangystau region
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A 50,000-cubic-meter desalination plant will be built In the village of Kuryk
Added: 13.02.2018
Changed: 13.02.2018
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A plant that will desalinate 50,000-cubic-meters of water per day will be built in the Kuryk village

Today, Akim of the Mangystau region Eraly Tugzhanov has made a working visit to the Karakiya district.

The Head of the region got acquainted with the work of the training center on the basis of "GFM Kazakhstan" LLP and the regional employment center in the new format - "Open Space". After, Eraly Tugzhanov has heard the report of Kydyrberdy Bekov, the Akim, to the population of the Karakiya district.

The population of the district increased by 1.6%, compared to the same period last year, and reached 37 200 people.

The volume of investments in fixed assets reached 174 billion tenge in 2017, or 155.6% against the corresponding period of the previous year. The volume of industrial production in 2017 is 852.8 billion tenge. Compared with the previous year, the volume index reached 105.5%. The volume of construction works amounted to 50 billion tenge. 1 475 830 tons of cargo were transported through the port of Kuryk. In 2017, 40.3 thousand square meters of housing have been commissioned, 105.9% against the corresponding period of the previous year. In the district, 8 investment projects worth 505.5 million tenge were realized and at the stage of completion.

"Eraly Lukpanovich, you gave the commission to increase the volume of gross agricultural output in 2017 to 2.6 bn tenge. We reached the figure of 2 billion 135 million tenge. This year we plan to drill 27 wells of drinking water. In accordance with the agricultural needs of the Akkuduk village residents, design and estimate documentation is being developed for the construction of a 5,000-cubic-meter water reservoir to collect rainwater," - said Akim of the Karakiya district Kydyrberdy Bekov.

56 instructions of the Mangystau region Akim, Eraly Tugzhanov, out of given 135, has been fully implemented. 23 out of the remaining 79 will be executed in 2018, another 56 will be monitored.

"We are planning to build a seawater desalination plant near the village of Kuryk within the framework of the public-private partnership program. The plant's capacity will be 50 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Thanks to this project, 450 new jobs will be created and the issue of drinking and technical water will be completely solved. The cost of the project is 50 billion tenge. I instruct the First Deputy Akim of the region Amangaliev, the Energy and Housing and Communal Services Department to tackle this issue," - Eraly Tugzhanov, Akim of the region said.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich