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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
100% of schools in Mangystau will be provided with broadband Internet access in May
Added: 09.04.2018
Changed: 09.04.2018
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Today a regular meeting has been hold  in the akimat of Mangystau region under the chairmanship of Eraly Tugzhanov, the Akim. Several issues were discussed on the agenda.

The issues of public-private partnership were reported by the Chairman of the Board of "Regional PPP Center" JSC Eldan Alibekov.

Currently, 37 PPP projects are implemented in various sectors of the economy for a total amount of KZT 239 billion in the Mangystau region. It is planned to create 8 608 jobs during the construction period, in the period of operation - 2 469 jobs.

" It is planned to create 1,587 jobs within the project implementation. Favorable conditions have been created for the implementation of 11 projects on the PPP mechanism with attraction of investments 8.3 billion tenge: construction of apartment houses - 1 project (cost - 2 338 million tenge); education - 8 projects (cost - 2 034 million tenge); health care - 1 project (cost - 51 million tenge); physical culture and sport - 1 project (cost - 3 861 million tenge). 1313 people will be provided with job. Another 10 projects worth 110 billion tenge are also planned," - said Yeldan Alibekov.

The Head of the Finance Department Marina Albekova reported on the progress of privatization and on the execution of the revenue side of the local budget for the 1st quarter of 2018. In accordance with the Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2017-2018, 20 objects are subject to privatization in our region. Totally, 15 objects were subject to privatization in 2017, 7 of them were actually sold (2 objects were sold for 25.9 million tons, 2 objects were transferred for trust management, 3 objects were withdrawn from the auction in connection with the decision to liquidate them). As for the remaining 8 objects, the results of trading were recognized as non valid due to the absence of participants. In 2018, taking into account the above 8 objects for the full implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, 13 objects are subject to privatization.

"In response to the Government's request to revise the terms of sale, the regional akimat re-affirmed the sales schedule and road maps of privatization objects: 5 objects are subject to transfer to trust management with the right of subsequent repurchase, 3 objects are subject to sale through auction, 1 object is subject to sale with the right of primary purchase , 4 facilities are subject to liquidation for economic expediency," - Marina Albekova said.

As of April 1, 2018, revenues of the local budget of the region amounted to 36.2 billion tenge or 117.9% to the plan of the reporting period (plan - 30.7 billion tenge). The income plan is overfulfilled in all districts and cities. In terms of categories, the main share of revenue growth is accounted for by tax revenues, which account for 75.5% of the total revenue.

The Head of the Education Department of education Zeynep Tastemirova told about digitization in education. Today there are 6,200 computers in educational institutions in the region. 694 of them require replacement. A large number of obsolete computers (13 students per 1 PC). To resolve this issue 300.0 mln tenge for the purchase of 1580 computers will be allocated from the local budget for 2018. All public schools have access to the Internet. 124 schools (92.5%) are connected to broadband Internet. Currently, work to connecting 100% of schools to broadband access is under way. The completion date is May 2018. 134 (100%) schools are connected to the digital educational resources of Bilim Media Group. Mobile applications of electronic system for teachers, parents, "Derek" - Citizens' appeals were introduced. The availability of Wi-Fi in schools is 75%

"Currently, the work to introduce a system of automated placement of children in the queue and issuing referrals to all pre-school institutions of the region of the company ІЕ-Faktory is underway. In addition, an electronic system "" was introduced in all schools of the region. The system works through the Internet, gives the opportunity to work remotely and is connected through a centralized server to all schools in the region. 27 schools of the region have been transferred to the pilot mode for keeping an electronic journal. Mobile versions of IP for parents and teachers have been launched. The elective course "Robotics" is being introduced in schools. So, there robotics club opened in 33 schools. 2 million 466 thousand tenge were allocated for their opening in 2016, 23 million schools allocated 3 million 913 thousand tenge were allocated for 23 schools in 2017," - said Zeynep Tastemirova.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich