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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
Construction works worth KZT 38.8 billion have been carried for 4 months in Mangystau
Added: 14.05.2018
Changed: 14.05.2018
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Today, a regular administration meeting  under the chairmanship of akim Eraly Tugzhanov has been held in the akimat of Mangystau region.

The agenda included questions on the results of socio-economic development and the implementation of targeted indicators of economic growth for January-April 2018, the implementation of the republican budget for 4 months of 2018 and the results of the heating season 2017-2018 and preparations for the upcoming heating season.

Khalil Nurgaliyev, the director of the Economy and Budget Planning Department, told about the results of social and economic development and fulfillment of target indicators of economic growth for January-April 2018.

In January-April 2018, the short-term economic indicator (according to preliminary data) for January-April of this year was 103.2% in the region (99.1% in January-April 2017) in the Mangystau region. The Quantity Index Number (QIN) of industrial products amounted to 101.5%, produced products at 910.0 billion tenge. Construction works performed in the amount of KZT38.8 billion (January-April 2017 - KZT29.2 billion) for 4 months of 2018.

Within the Entrepreneurship Support Card, four projects are planned for the current year totaling KZT 11.5 billion with the creation of 223 new jobs:

- Plant for the production of polymer packaging "Dostyk Polymer" LLP;

- Production shop for manufacturing furniture and plastic windows City of Masters self-employed entrepreneur Bitner A.V.;

- Plant for production of cables and transformers of “Aktau-EnergoMash” LLP;

- completed and put into operation a solar power station in the village of Batyr, the Munaily district (1 stage of the project, Best Open Group LLP) with a capacity of 2 MW, with a project cost of 1.2 billion tenge and creation of 10 jobs.

The execution of the republican budget for 4 months of 2018 was reported by the Head of the Finance Department Marina Albekova.

As of May 1, 2018, revenues to the regional budget amounted to 46.9 billion tenge, or 106.1% of the plan for the reporting period (plan 44.2 billion tenge). Expenditures of the regional budget for 4 months of this year were executed on 48,7 billion tenge or 96,6% to the reporting period (plan 50,4 billion tenge), including the local budget executed on 44,8 billion tenge or 97,2%, target transfers from Belarus to 3.8 billion tenge or 90.5%.

"The budget of the region provides funds for the construction and development of design estimates for 189 facilities (RB - 21, MB - 168), including:

- 133 objects that have been undergoing since 2017 (PSD -63, construction-70);

- 56 new objects (PSD - 22, Installation and Construction Work (ICW) - 34).

As of May 1 this year, tenders for 53 objects have been announced (33 ICW + 20 PSDs). Only 32 objects have been summed up. On consideration of the commission - 9 objects ", - reported the Head of the Finance Department Marina Albekova.

The results of the heating season 2017-2018 and preparation for the upcoming heating season were reported by Sapar Amanbekov, Head of the Energy, Housing and Communal Services Department.

KZT 1,089 billion was considered from the local budget for the upcoming heating season. In addition, within the investment program of "MTEK" OJSC and "KazTransGas Aimak" JSC was considered 6.3 billion tenge. Construction of 110 kV transmission line and 110/10 kV substation within the framework of construction of the external infrastructure of the "Caspian Energy Wind Farm" - 5.1 billion tenge.

"The implementation of 9 projects on gasification of settlements in Beineu, Tupkaragan, Munaily is 1.2 billion tenge." The work was carried out in accordance with the approved schedule and is strictly controlled," - said Sapar Amanbekov, Head of the Energy, Housing and Communal Services Department.

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

of Mangistau region
Tugzhanov Yeraly Lukpanovich