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National strategic goal is transition to a new alphabet


Today, the international scientific and theoretical conference "Kazak alipbiin latin aripterimen tanbalaundagy erekshelikter" has been held in the regional center, where Akim of Mangystau region Eraly Tugzhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on development of languages ​​and socio-political work of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Galymzhan Meldeshov, Director of the Linguistics Institute after A.Baytursynov - Chairman of the National Commission - Erden Kazhbek and experts in linguistics, as well as representatives of the local intelligentsia took participation.

The participants of the conference discussed the new version of the Latin alphabet presented to President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Specially invited guests, scientists from Turkey and Azerbaijan shared their experience and told about the positive aspects of the transition to the Latin alphabet, these two Turkic states are one of the first to transit to the Latin alphabet. Also, the Associat Professor of the S. Demirel University, Doctor of Philosophy - Kuralai Kuderinova, delivered a report on the theme "National Strategic Goal - Switching to the New Alphabet", as part of the program "Bolashakka Bagdar: Ruhani zhangyru", by the Head of State, N.Nazarbayev, a single standard for the new the alphabet of the Kazakh language will be introduced step by step, the purpose of which is the implementation of the state language policy, the promotion of a phased transition to the Latin alphabet.

"The transition to the Latin alphabet is one of their important tasks, a program designed for national interest." The main landmark is Mangilik El," - said Eraly Tugzhanov, Akim of the Mangystau region. The Head of State NA. Nazarbayev in his Address to the People of Kazakhstan on January 14, 2014, noted the importance of the transition to the Latin alphabet and said "Ana Tilimiz Mangilik Elimizben birge Magilik til bolady. (The native language will be eternal along with the eternal people)."

Press service of the Mangystau region Akim

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