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The Mangystau region
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Kokala Multicolored Clay

The Karatau mountain fold or hill, rising from the depths of the Earth, lifted the layers along the edge of the fracture, which seemed to be forever buried under the oceanic sediments. Multicolored clays of the Jurassic period appeared in this connection. Jura is a geological epoch well-known through "Jurassic Park" film. Kokala is a small temporary tunnel in the era of dinosaurs. We will not see fossilized bones or traces of reptiles that have long since disappeared, but we can touch real charcoal fires of 170-200 million years of burnt forest, through which dinosaurs wandered. Nature surprisingly blurred the clay layers, creating a layered mountain of hummocks, columns, mushrooms, pyramids and a mini canyon with bizarrely cut sides. Kokala is a natural variegation among the monotonous stony hills of Mangystau. But that is not all. Alongside the multicolored clays, another Karatau wilderness hid - mountain gorge of the same name. Its length is about 2.5 km. The gorge winds in the rock massif, constantly opening before the traveler new and sometimes unexpected pictures.

The brook with fine mountain water rips on the bottom of thickets of mint for most of length. At the rock steps the fontanel forms small lakes. Local Kazakhs believe that the water of Kokaly  is curative. I know three examples when it anaesthetized painful wounds. One case happened with me. Somehow making my way through the thicket of hawthorn, I pined my palm by a sharp spike. The wound was very painful. At that time, I had not yet heard about the healing properties of the spring water of Kokala. I just took it, and for a while I wet my palm in the water until the blood stopped, and continued my journey. And only about 15 minutes later I remembered about the wound. Surprisingly I could not see the puncture site! I tried to press my finger on a recently painful place, find it, and did not feel anything! Maybe this effect is given to the water by thickets of mint, through which the fontanel flows, or the water in its composition is unusual ... But the fact remains. Why would the local old people lie ..

Undersized thickets of hawthorn and willow are here and there; greens of their curly crowns breaking the monotony of broken lines of rock folds. It's not so easy to get into the gorge. At this point, the rock formations lie almost vertically, blocking the entrance to the gorge with a unique fortress wall of at least 10 m in height with narrow gates, which the fabulous knights - guardians of natural peace and cleanliness - have filled up with large boulders. Only the fontanel breaks through this barrier with a small waterfall in wet periods. Nature created a stone bowl at the base of the "gate", where you can take a cool bath in a hot time. You have only two ways to get into the gorge: either climb up the wall, or climb one of the neighboring ridges, and then go down to the bottom of the gorge along slide rocks.

of Mangistau region
Трумов Серикбай Утелгенович