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The Mangystau region
Official internet resource of the region akimat
The Valley of Balls Torysh

According to one of the local legends, hordes of enemies came to Mangystau lands, like locusts covering the ground. The locals stretched their hands to heaven in prayer for help and were heard. The windows of heaven have opened with torrential streams, thunder and lightning. All the enemies turned into stones in a wink. Thus, the endless fields and ridges of unusual stone formations - spherical concretions appeared on Mangystau land. Their size reaches 3 - 4 m in diameter. The balls lie in sandy-argillaceous strata in the longitudinal valleys between the Karatau ridge and the ledges of North and South Aktau. Time of origin - 180 - 120 million years ago, geological era - Mesozoic, period - Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous. Concretion - from the Latin word concretio - fusion, condensation. These are joints, mineral formations of rounded form in sedimentary rocks. The centers of such attrition can be grains of minerals, shells, teeth and bones of fish, plant remains. Geologists do not have a clear view of the process that created them. In geology it is considered how many nodule researchers, as many opinions on the nature of their origin. According to the latest version of our Aktau geologist-geophysicist Gennady Tarasenko, their origin is associated with electrical discharges in the earth's crust and mantle, in zones of active tectonic faults. There are real underground thunderstorms with lightnings tens of kilometers long in such zones. At the end of linear lightning, rotating ball lightning arises. They are the cause of the formation of bonds of various suspensions, for example, mud deposits of the ocean, around magnetized nuclei - dead organisms that have descended into the ooze.

Three layers with nodules are exposed along the Karatau Mountains. Nodules stretch from both sides of the mountains for more than a hundred kilometers, giving uniqueness to the local landscape. Where the layer is destroyed in an upright position, long ridges of various stones are formed. Where the layer is destroyed horizontally - nodules lie in fields, forming whimsical piles of balls, eggs, mushrooms, UFOs, cylinders, Matryoshkas (Russian nesting doll) and little animals. Such a field of quirks is found in the Torysh area. Wind and rain, frost and heat split, peel, cover these geological formations with a grid of fanciful cracks. A sharp eye can found here fossilized remnants of the former ocean life - the nucleus of bivalve mollusks, snails and ammonites.

of Mangistau region
Трумов Серикбай Утелгенович